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12 Days of 
Physical, mental, & emotional clutter that's been keeping you stuck. These things are not invited to your amazing future.
Why Declutter?

You want to...
  •  ~Transform your energy.
  • ~Let Go of what's not serving you.
  • ~Make a Fresh Start.
  • ~Upgrade your life.
  • ~Be Happier.
  • ~Connect with your core self.
  • You've been thinking about decluttering forever, but...

    Where do you start? 
    Will it really make a difference? 
    It seems like a lot of work.
    What if you do all that work and nothing changes?

    You have nothing to worry about. I'm going to make decluttering easy. And you can do as little or as much as you want. You're going to get tips and tricks to make the whole thing easier. And in the end you're going to have more energy, a greater sense of calm, and you'll have made room for all the stuff you want in your life.

    Here's how it works...

    This is not like any other decluttering guide, because it's not only about physical stuff, but the mental and emotional stuff too. We're not just decluttering one part of your life, but all of it so you can make room for the life you know you deserve to be living.

    Everyday you'll receive an email from me with one thing to declutter and some strategies, to help you let go and make things easier.

    Join my FBgroup Your Limitless Life with Andrea Richie. Where you can share photos, ask questions and get support when you need it. This challenge starts January 15.